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2011 Ride

2011 Ride GalleryThe Lord blessed us with the first sunshine in a week for our 6th Grey Mare Ride the Trail to a Cure. Thanks to our riders, workers and sponsors we raised $10,955.00 for the 2 breast cancer organizations. It was over $6000 for PBCC and over $4000 for BCA-CV. In addition to the riders and sponsors, I especially thank the Grey Mares and their families for their help in making this another successful Ride the Trail to a Cure:  Linda Geesaman, husband Ray and daughters, Nettie, Tina, Belinda, and Teresa for the delicious food;  Kathy Mahon and Carol Diller for conducting the Silent Auction; Bev Rice for leading riders and collecting prizes; Tami and Paul Yeager for marking the trail and distributing prizes; Allie Yeager for being the official photographer;  Linda Wagner for parking and helping the Yeagers;  Kerry Golden for managing registration and tabulating results with the help of Tim Iobst.  What a great bunch!!!   
The pictures that Ally Yeager took at the Ride are on my Facebook page. (I don’t understand Facebook. My daughter put them on.) You should be able to see your pictures, even if you aren't a FB user:  Click on this: 


 FYI: 3 of the Grey Mares attended the 2011 PBCC Conference. I spoke at an evening reception and discovered that it isn’t easy to talk “horse” to people who have never smelled manure. They were really interested in our Ride though and the support you give to the cause. I explained that we named our ride – Ride the Trail to a Cure – because there is a cure out there and we are heading toward it. That fit right in with the announcement the next day that PBCC gave a $100,000 research grant to Dr. Craig Meyers and his team at Penn State College of Medicine. Dr. Meyers discovered a non disease causing virus that kills all stages and all types of breast cancer cells in the laboratory. Preliminary research to treat breast cancer cells in a mouse has yielded promising results, but needs further study. This is truly exciting.  Any breakthrough is a step closer to finding a cure for all cancers.  
Another FYI  Some of the Grey Mares spent a 3 day weekend at Fort Valley Ranch in Virginia – one of our Ride sponsors. This is a really clean and comfortable horse camping facility. We rode in the beautiful George Washington National Park. Check out their web site: www.fortvalleystable.com

Ride the Trail to a Cure
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