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The Grey Mare Society is a group of ladies who have a common interest in horses. There are 7 of us, but we are not a closed group and anyone is welcome to ride with us. The only problem is that we are also Spur of the Moment riders. Three of us live within a mile of each other and we can saddle and meet in 15 minutes to ride around the block.

We are not horse bigots. We appreciate all breeds and two of us ride mules. We take our horses camping and to the beach. We have even jousted. (Our Maryland Mare is an accomplished jouster and talked the rest of us into trying. Not a pretty sight.)

We are all over 60 with the exception of one mature 50+ year old. Yes, a few of us now need a stool or a log to get on and off our horses. (Actually, our draft horse rider uses a ladder.) Four of us have been 4-H Horse and Pony Leaders and two of us taught driving at our therapeutic riding center. We have been riding together for a long time some of us more than 40 years.

We have no dues, no bylaws, no arguments. We do have fun and we have a deep respect and consideration for each other.

When one of us was diagnosed with breast cancer, we decided to do something to fight this disease that affects 1 out of 7 women. (Men can get breast cancer too, but it also affects them through the women they love.) What a better way to raise awareness and funds than with a trail ride? And it is something we do. How hard can it be to organize a ride with prizes and food? We found out, but we had a great time and we are still learning.

Please check the links to the left for information about our Rides and others that have been organized.


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